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Retired teacher, recently married.

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I'm a mid 50'sretired teacher, who has followed, or rather lived and died with the San Francisco Giants for over 40 years. I've been through the good times and the bad times.

I attended college in San Francisco and Sacramento, with one of my dreams to be a mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper. I found out that job was already taken, so I fell back into other lines of work. But my interest in writing has always been in the background. Now that I am retired from teaching, I am beginning to write on a more regular basis. I hope you will find what I am writing useful.


Giants, reading, writing

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I have been told by professionals that I have a comfortable writing style, that I use economy of words to describe the action in my writing.

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San Francisco ends month at .500 posted on 04/30/2009
After their disastrous start of 2-7, the San Francisco Giants have not only ended the month with a 10-10 .500 record, but have taken every series that they have played: Two series (4 games) against Arizona, 2 games against San Diego and two of three from the hated Dodgers, including a 9-4 win Wednesday evening at ATT Park...Couple of things you might never ever see at a ballpark again as long as you live: The pitcher batting 8th and Juan Pierre bringing up the rear, AND, AND Bengie Molina knocking a triple of the centerfield wall!  Molina is becoming the heart and soul of the Giants.  He has been recognized the past two seasons with the Willie Mac Award, voted by players and coaches as the most inspirational player on the club.  Looks like he is the leader for a third a

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Good news continues for Giants and Lincecum posted on 04/25/2009
Anyone who has followed the rise of the Giants Tim Lincecum knows why they call him the 'Franchise.'  Another strong performance against the Arizona Diamondbacks , his second of the week, gave him his first win and lifted him into second place in National League strikeouts, at 35, just two behind the Mets' Johann Santana.  The Giants' pitching staff, which has been considered their strong point, has given up just three runs in their last 5 games, going 4-1 in that stretch.  Ironically, the only loss came in Lincecum's 13 K performance against these same Diamondbacks on Saturday, April 18th at ATT Park.  Even the much maligned Barry Zito came away with a good performance, though he did not get a win.  The Giants have scored just 51 runs, while giving up 59.  Ou

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Good news-finally-for San Francisco posted on 04/22/2009
Good news-finally-for the Giants...A 1-0 10th inning win over the San Diego Padres had them sweeping the brief two game series.  Bengie Molina knocked in Andres Torres with a ground rule double to send everyone home...Beginning the season 2-7, the Giants took two of three from the Arizona Diamondbacks over the weekend and swept two games over the Padres in walk off fashion, to give them a more respectable 6-8 record in the young season The other story from ATT was Barry Zito, the Barry Zito of old, the Barry Zito which the Giants paid $126 million over seven years.  In seven strong innings, he blanked the Padres on 6 hits, while striking out 5.  Zito was challenging hitters with wicked off speed stuff; He set up  more than one Padre hitter with fast stuff (87-89) a

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Better news for the San Francisco Giants... posted on 04/19/2009

Big Unit goes 7:  Certain Hall of Famer Randy Johnson earned his 296th win, as the Giants took two of three from the Arizona Diamondbacks over the weekend.  RJ went 7 innings, struck out seven, gave up just one hit, walked 4.  Not bad for a 45-year old man, eh?... All three scores were 2-0, with the Giants taking Friday night and Sunday, while the 'Backs took Saturday, in spite of a 13-K performance by Tim Lincecum.  Saturday and Sunday were, in the words of announcer Dwayne Kuiper, "...a glorious day for a ball game..."  The hitters did strike another 9 times, way too much for this early in the season.  Rookie First basemen Travis Ishikawa is struggling, falling below the Mendoza line after starting out quickly.  (Ask any older baseball fan, who doesn't rely on the Internet for their sports news to find out about the Mendoza Line)...Pablo Sandoval was quoted on SFGATE.COM that he has figured out his problem and and has fixed it.  He had three hits, including a belly flop triple.  (Announcer Mike Krukow is fond of saying that big guys who barel around the base-paths are like 'runaway beer trucks.")...Stats:  Lincecum is tied with the in K's Padres' ace Jake Peavy for 3rd  at 23 each.  (The Giants face Peavy this week when the Padres come in for two games)...Giants and 'Backs are both 4-8 this year.  Dodgers are lighting it up in the southland...Now what I really think:  This is THE make or break year for Barry Zito.  He has to pitch at a .500 clip to save his job with the Giants.  The team may have to jettison him and his contract if he doesn't perform...Edgar Renteria is no Omar in the field, but he is steady, 'ceptin' for a couple of lapses...Pablo has improved dramatically in the hot corner since his first week over there.  Good readin', good rootin' and see ya at the ballpark.  April 19th

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Giants are 0-for SoCal posted on 04/15/2009
Southern California has not been nice to the Giants as we go into the second week of the season, dropping all five games that they have played against the Padres and the Dodgers.  They were swept by the Padres and have lost the first two of three to the Dodgers.  Giants now stand at 2-6, the exact same record as the first eight games in the past two seasons.  And we know how both of those turned out.  They have averaged just four runs per game, that average being raised by two sort of outbursts of 10 runs and eight runs.  They have just five home runs, two each by Bengie Molina and Aaron Rowand and one by Randy Winn on Opening Day.  Yikes.  Pablo Sandoval is swinging at everything, even balls way out of the strike-zone, but at least he 'D' has tightened u

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