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A season for the record book. posted on 02/05/2009

      The start of the 2009 MLB season is only two months away, and it will be a record breaking one for the Pirates in 09. The Pirates will set the new record for most consecutive losing seasons in MLB history. The Pirates will break the Philadephia Phillies most consecutive losing seasons record. The Phillies and Pirates are tied with 16 consecutive losing seasons. The Phillies started the streak back in 1933 and didn't end it until 1948. The Pirates started their streak back in 1993 and there's no end in sight! The Pirates were 67-95 in 2008 and finished last in the NL Central division. I hate to tell Pirates fans this, but it's not going to get much better anytime soon. The reason I say that is because there pitching is just awful! Paul Maholm led the Pirates in wins with 9. There's some pitchers out there that didn't even lose 9 games last year. I think the Pirates will lose 90-95 games in 09 just because I think the pitching staff is so bad. You know you have a bad pitching staff when Paul Maholm is considered your ace by some. Maholm would be a number 3 or 4 on most teams out there. Pirates fans get ready for some history in 09!

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